Monday, August 20, 2007


the one thing that comes to mind in observing shambhala's success with newer and younger members is the prevalence of hotties. we need more smoking young women in NB. that would certainly help, but seriously, the most important thing might be to have time and space for young people led by younger people who have been around for a while.

i think this is something where a little advertising around seattle could produce good draws, just offer some free instruction in short sessions for people under... 30? 35? there seems to be few of us in NB in that range right now, but we are in a unique position to introduce dharma in a fresh, hip way with colloquial language and examples. it's more reminiscent of us naropa friends talking dharma over drinks, and maybe that's where it would lead to after some of these teachings, thereby furthering a younger community.

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